The Save-the-Date Cards

The plan: we'd model the cards on some classic vintage movie posters.  I purchased Film Posters of the 1930s from Amazon for inspiration, and got some really good ideas.  We'd take one of the pictures from our engagement shoot and Photoshop it to look painted.  The back would have the date, location, and our wedding website (separate from this one). 

Postcards aren't really in the budget, so we're going to put all of the information onto one card and e-mail it to people instead.  For the couple of guests who don't have access to a computer, we'll print out a copy and mail it.
I'm really, really pleased with how they've turned out.  (Notice I've removed the personal information, so those aren't our real last names.  Call me paranoid.)  I've also made a printer-friendly version that will be sent in the same e-mail, which removes the gold background, turns the picture greyscale, and changes all the black printing to dark grey.  There's a little note at the top encouraging people to print it out and keep it someplace handy.

The Invitations

It took forever to figure out what we wanted for invitations, but we finally settled on this design from Invitation Consultants.  I'm recreating this basic layout, except in our colors. 

Here's the finished product.  Yay!  More under DIY.