The Setup

I don't think the layout of the suite will really permit a seated dinner for the number of guests we'll have.  I like more of a party feel anyway, so I'm thinking that hors d'oevres, action stations, or some combination thereof are the way to go. 
I'm largely leaving the menu to Jer.  I used to think that I was a good cook, but he truly puts me to shame.  He makes amazing meals, often without following a recipe, and has exquisite taste.  Our party is in good hands.

The Hors D'Oeuvres

We've booked Masterpiece Cuisine to cater the reception.  They were very highly recommended on the Knot's Vegas local board, and Jer called me after the tasting positively gushing about how good the food was.  I can't wait to taste it myself!  Our menu includes teriyaki chicken kabobs, crab stuffed mushroom caps, gourmet sliders, and some other tasty wonderfulness. 

The Cake

I was absolutely adamant about having a wedding cake that doesn't look like a normal wedding cake.  I have no idea why, I'm just ornery.  Jer, for his part, didn't want to have cake, because of the old joke that wedding cake is the one food that can destroy a woman's sex drive.  Our initial plan was to have white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, a combination we both just love.

Then, walking through the mall one day, we passed by Mrs. Fields and were struck by the same idea...

The plan is to have three to four cookies of descending size on separated tiers.  We're shopping around, but right now Nestlé is the front runner.  I've searched high and low and looked through all 1,700+ pictures of cakes on the Knot, and I finally found a setup that I think will unify the whole thing as one dessert, but won't hide the fact that they're cookies.

The Other Desserts

We like the idea of having a few other sweets available.  My mom has an amazing recipe for chocolate-iced coconut cookies that are my favorite Christmas cookie ever.  It's April, but screw it!  It's my wedding, and I'll have my cookies there.  Sort of like these, but flat, and a little less messy-looking.

Our dessert bar is deeply indebted to Bakerella, and we'll be trying out a couple of her fabulous and easy recipes to flesh out our offerings.  Our groomswoman has volunteered to take over making the Oreo truffles, which I have already attempted and which are phenomenal.

This is possibly my most ambitious DIY project, even more than the flowers: the mini wedding cheesecakes.  I'll be using this basic recipe, only using the cheesecake pop recipe rather than the cake pop recipe (and probably not on sticks).  I have absolutely no idea how this will turn out, so the likelihood of this project getting scrapped is reasonably high.

I plan to use any leftover chocolate from the various projects to make chocolate covered pretzels.  I also still kind of like the idea of having gourmet popcorn, but with all of the other desserts, we may skip it.  We discovered Kukuruza, who sell some insane and amazing flavors, including our beloved white chocolate raspberry!  My matron of honor tells me that her dad used to order from them all the time. 

The Martini Bar

We knew that a straight-up full bar was out of our price range, so the alcohol question was a sticky one for a while.  Masterpiece Cuisine is providing us with a nice beer, wine, and soda package.  Budget permitting, we'll also add a couple of signature cocktails: Vesper martinis (yes, like out of James Bond) for him and chocolate martinis for me.