This page will feature status updates on my various DIY projects.  This is mainly for my own purposes.

The Flowers

Between bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, I'll need just about 100 flowers, with about a 3:1 ratio of white to black.  If I decide to make the arch for the room, that will probably be another couple hundred.  I have a lot of work to do.  Here's my progress:

White roses: 60
Black roses: 14

Here's a box full of white roses.  Wow!

The Invitations

All done, stamped and mailed!  Yay!

The invitation:
The insert:
The front of the envelope (little blurry, but best shot I could get:
The back of the envelope.  We were going to do wax seals, but they were a fail, so we stamped the penguin instead.  We don't have penguins anywhere else in the wedding, but Jer adores them and I thought it would be a cute touch.
The photo liner, inspired by knottie shananigans.  (The gunk on the envelope is from the attempted wax seal.)

The Shoes

I need to figure out what type of paint I have to use (just regular acrylic or a special leather paint) before I proceed.  Once I figure that out, I should be able to do that in a weekend.

The Cake Stand

I'm not having any luck finding cake stands that will fit our strange sizes, so it looks like this will be a DIY project.  I need to figure out how big the tables in the room are before I can proceed with this one.