The Look

This was actually Jer's idea, even before we started talking about the possibility of our own wedding.  He mentioned seeing pictures of a wedding with the bridesmaids in black and the groomsmen in white, and really liked the contrast of it.  I did too, and when we started planning, I never considered another color combination.  I couldn't decide between gold or silver accents, so we're using both sparingly.  Jer and I will have gold accents, and the attendants will have silver.

The Groomsmen

Jer's five groomsmen will wear tuxes in either white or ivory with black shirts and silver vests and ties.  I'm leaning toward giving them black pocket squares rather than boutonnieres, but haven't decided yet.  The groomswoman will wear a silver gown with a white wrap, and will either wear a corsage or carry a small bouquet.

The Bridesmaids

I have five bridesmaids who wear sizes 2-24, and have very different body types.  Rather than try to find one dress for all of them (which isn't really my thing anyway anyway), I've asked them to pick out their own dress.  My only stipulation is that it be black with some kind of silver accent, and in a fabric that isn't too shiny.  I'll post pictures here as they start making their choices.

The Groom

Jer really, really wanted tails, a top hat, and cane.  He didn't like the tails so much when he tried them on, so he's leaning toward wearing a zoot suit-style tux with a gold vest and tie.  He'll have a white rose boutonniere.  We found a good price on a top hat and the height difference isn't as bad as I had feared, but the cane is under debate.

The Bride

After much searching for a unique gown with a movie star feel, I finally found David's Bridal style E9369, sadly discontinued (which meant I got it on sale).  It's a trumpet gown with a halter illusion neckline and a detachable watteau train.  Best of all, it fit perfectly right off the rack!  My matron of honor might be doing a few gold sequins in the skirt, we'll see.

Clicking the picture takes you to my Flickr gallery with more pictures from when I picked up the dress. 

I still adore my gown, but since we scrapped the Hollywood theme, I have a little more freedom with my look.  I saw this hat on Etsy and fell absolutely in love!  It's way too expensive and not really my style, but I'm in love with the idea of wearing a hat. 

There's a new hat shop at Ontario Mills (I'll update this when I remember the name), and after trying on every hat imaginable, I've decided that the style I want is a porkpie hat, which looks similar to a top hat but with a shorter crown.  They carry this hat for a reasonable price, but I'm not sure if this color (Antique) will be too dark; I'll have to see it in person.  I'd order it with a gold hat band, and I'm thinking of attaching a short veil to the back.  I'd order it one or two sizes small so it will perch on my head at an angle.

Ugh, shoes.  I was originally just going to wear simple character shoes painted gold, but since we're not having ballroom dancing, I have a little more flexibility.  Now, I normally don't care a thing about shoes, but I find myself surprisingly picky.  I want gold, closed toe (I can live with a small peep), two piece, high ankle strap, and a 2-3" heel that isn't too narrow.  Oh, and they should still be reasonably comfortable, and not cost more than about $75.  something sort of like t

I found a pair that met all of my requirements on eBay, except it was black.  Since all of the guys are going to be wearing black and white wingtips, I think I'm going to paint my shoes to look similar to this, only gold and white.

I absolutely adore the look of long earrings, and it worked really well with my dress and hair.  I liked these earrings from the David's Bridal website, and ended up finding something similar on eBay.