Welcome to our planning website!  I'm building this site so we can have all of our wedding details in one place, both so we can keep better track of everything, and so hopefully we can help inspire other couples as well.  We're planning an elegant evening wedding on the sort of budget that would be tight for a casual picnic affair, so things are bound to get interesting.

Personally, it's always a bit annoying to see something I like while looking at other people's bios and having no idea of where to get it, so clicking most of the pictures here will take you to the page where it can be purchased.  This website is still in progress, partly because I just started making it and partly because we're early on in our plans and haven't finalized much yet. 

If you have any questions, or if you would like to be credited for a particular photo or idea, please drop me a line at aerinpegadrak at gmail dot com.

Thanks for looking!